How do I install the device?

Before installing, you will need:

  • A FreshAir Customer Account
  • An Android phone or tablet with the FreshAir mobile app
  • Wi-Fi connection and the network password
  • A screwdriver with interchangeable bits

1. Select an electrical outlet

Select a standard, 2-socket electrical outlet. Try to choose an outlet that is unobstructed by furniture and is centrally located within the area. If possible, avoid outlets directly above or below windows, baseboard heaters, and air conditioning units so that airflow around the device does not affect its sensitivity. Using a screwdriver, remove the faceplate of the outlet and retain for future use.

Unpack your FreshAir1 from the sealed plastic bag and remove the loose mounting screw from the center hole. Keep the screw close by because you will need it soon. Open the FreshAir mobile app on your phone or tablet and log in to your account.

2. Log in to the FreshAir mobile app

  • If this is your first time logging in, you will reach the welcome screen where the only option available is to install a new device. Select Install to continue.
  • If you already have devices installed when you log in, you will see the dashboard screen. To install a new device from this screen, select the White + in the upper right corner or the Green + in the lower right corner of the screen.

The name of the Wi-Fi network that your phone or tablet is connected to will be displayed in the message box on the screen. Select “Start” to proceed.



3. Scan the QR Code

Select “Scan” to proceed. The mobile app will access your phone or tablet’s camera to scan the QR code on the back of your FreshAir1. Make sure the room is well lit and the QR code fills the box in the app. If you’re holding your phone or tablet too close or too far away, it may have a hard time reading the code. When you successfully scan the code, select “Continue” to move to the next step.

4. Plug in the device

Plug your FreshAir1 into the top socket of your selected electrical outlet. The device will initialize, and the internal LED will change from blue to green, then back to blue. This process should take about 30 seconds. When the LED is blinking blue, the device is ready to proceed.

Finish the physical installation by inserting the tamper-resistant screw through the circular hole in the front-center of the device. Tighten with the unique screw bit provided to secure your device. Do not over-tighten.



5. Connect to the device

After securing your FreshAir1 in the outlet, return to the mobile app and select “Find Device.” The app will search for the device with an ID number matching the QR code you scanned. The process should take around 30 seconds. When the tablet connects to your FreshAir1, the internal LED will change to white. Select “Connect” button to continue with setup.

(If the app is having trouble connecting to device, quit and restart. Close the mobile app and unplug your FreshAir1 from the wall. Wait a few seconds, then restart the installation.)

6. Choose a name for the device

If you will be installing multiple devices, choose a name that relates to the location the device like the room or apartment number. If there will be more than one device in the same unit, consider adding something to differentiate its location from other devices (i.e. Bedroom, Living room, etc.).

There is also the option to provide a device description. This where you can enter any other information you see relevant.



7. Connect to Wi-Fi

Enter the password for your Wi-Fi network then select “Install.” This process and should take about a minute. When the device successfully connects to the Wi-Fi network, the LED will change to blinking green. The LED will blink for one minute, then turn off for normal operation.

There is an option available to show your password, so that you can ensure the information is entered correctly on the first attempt. Also, incase you are installing multiple devices, you can choose to have the app save your Wi-Fi password until you log out.



8. Your set up is complete!

Your device will now monitor your space for smoking. If you immediately check the status of your newly installed device within the app, you will find that it is still initializing. This is because after connecting to your Wi-Fi network, the device still needs to connect to our backend servers and update to the latest version of our firmware. This process can take up to an hour. Do not move or unplug the device until this is complete.

The device only needs to be installed one time. Once it is monitoring, if you unplug it, the device will automatically reconnect if you plug it back in somewhere on the same Wi-Fi network.


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